Revolutionary BOARD

Transforming the traditional ways of education & business

We all use Reboard.

Instant teleconferencing. Supports wireless screen sharing. Annotations appear in real time on all remote screens. 4K display and built in microphone. Get involved like never before. Faster screen sharing. Click and share. No more wires. Farewell to cables. Up to four devices sharing and reverse control of laptops. High accuracy touch technology, input files and multimedias. to visualize your ideas. Access the whiteboarding via QR code. Meeting recording has never been so effortless.

Discover inner creativity, exhibit ideas!

The diverse features of Reboard have made it ideal for use in teaching, corporate meeting, and presentations, replacing blackboards, projectors, and computers. Reboard has revolutionized the board room meetings with a smart and interactive presentation of ideas. It is conveniently being used for various purposes including in-depth analysis, strategic meetings, conducting training programs, etc.

This is Reboard, which integrates features of teleconferencing, screen sharing & whiteboarding

With a high-definition interactive display, Reboard has been designed to enhance the effectiveness of the training and learning process by providing all-in-one classroom and conference room solutions.

Enhance collaboration and productivity

Reboard is focused on providing sustainable technology to the people. With a plethora of advanced features, it is an ideal product for schools & universities to enhance their teaching and learning experiences.

Enhance collaboration & productivity with Reboard.

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