delivering intuitive interactions

Bestowing intelligent technological solutions in one place

The intelligent board comes with video conferencing tools including Microsoft teams & Zoom, which are ideal for remote teaching and conferencing. Reboard also provides customized video conferencing software according to the need and preferences of the users. Reboard’s video conferencing tool also equips users with the feature of sharing multiple screens. This feature enables different users to share their respective screens simultaneously.

Reboard is super easy to install & operate. A user does not require any technical background to use it. Reboard can be easily placed anywhere without any hassles.

4k resolution & Immersive display

Endowed with 4k resolution, Reboard delivers remarkable picture clarity across all operating systems.

High-speed Wi-Fi connectivity

High-speed Wi-Fi connectivity makes it easy for the instructor to explain and manage internet-based information.

Screen-to-body ratio of 90%

Designed with a screen-to-body ratio of 90%, the immersive display enables the students to concentrate more on the content.

Responsive touch

Its reduced thickness along with a responsive touch creates a smooth touch experience and makes the user feel like he is writing on paper.

Inbuilt speakers

Reboard opens a much smaller seam for the sound waves to travel through. The sound waves go directly to the participants, instead of bouncing from the floor.

Multiple tools available within a single touch

The smart intelligence of the revolutionary board recognizes hand drawing and offers a wide range of illustration options. This feature automatically straightens hand-drawn shapes resulting in saving time and energy.

Easy search & drag

The easy search & drag feature allows users to search the content written on whiteboard and drag images from the browser onto the board.

Advanced recording features

Reboard allows users to record screens and create a knowledge library. Users can also record lectures by connecting an external camera to capture live teaching classes and easily play the recordings on the board.

Encryption system

To safeguard data privacy, Reboard is incorporated with an encryption system that allows the user to set lock screen passwords and prevent any unauthorized login.

This smartboard has been designed to ease out the users' work and present information smoothly. It is loaded with multiple interactive features including an inbuilt smart table feature with auto-adaptive height and width in each cell, access to a ruler, set square or protractor at a single touch, availability of instant stickers to add reminders, etc.

Learn smart, teach smart

With this smartboard, classrooms need not have blackboards, projectors, and computers. The all-in-one interactive board allows users to write and play videos simultaneously in the same frame.

Cut out any part of a video & paste it

One can easily play any video on the board and cut out the important part from it and paste directly onto the space present on the board.

Access to all MS Office applications

It provides access to all MS Office applications to easily organize and store the content.

Supports multiple data formats

Reboard facilitates the transfer of content files to the recipient using multiple data formats including pdf, ppt, excel, png, jpeg, etc.

Create a knowledge bank

The easy customization of content enables users to create a knowledge bank effortlessly, for future references.

All-in-one interactive board

Reboard’s interactive features let the user explore and discover his inner creativity and exhibit ideas innovatively.

Enhance collaboration & productivity with Reboard.

Touch the future